The Plot Thickens

In the Beginning

A brief history of the world, part 1

In the beginning there were elves, they lived idyllically, advancing slowly as they felt no need to rush. It is believed there were also dwarves, but as the elves were above, the staid, meticulous dwarves were like their inverse below, the dwarves are said to have been born working.

Eventually they encounter each other in the foothills of the dwarven mountain home. They formed an enterprising partnership, the elves provided, what the dwarves considered to be exotic food stuffs (fruits, vegetables, herbs, and meats), leather, and wooden goods, as well as raw wood, in exchange supplying metals (copper, iron, silver, and gold), stone, and gems. Both races were changed by their encounters.

The elves began a journey of learning, at first from the dwarves teaching them smithing, and working with stone. But their thirst went further, they began to extend their primitive rituals, forming the basis of modern magic. Their realisation they were not alone set some onto a more basic journey of discovery. The dwarves in turn learned from the elves the power of the arts (music, carving for aesthetics, painting, dancing), finding time for fun, and eventually magic.


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