The Plot Thickens

You found a crumpled Map

You find yourself in an field west of a white house...

I have updated the interactive map. The previous hand drawn map that you’d be able to purchase, is now an item. It is the part of the world that is common knowledge to the people of your society anyway. We will start things off somewhere in the green zone.

I picture this planet as being a little smaller than Earth, with a similar rotations, though the polar angle is only approx. 10°, compared to Earth’s 23.4°. Your home continent is approx. 4,200 miles from top to bottom. The equator is about 120 miles South of the larger island off the South coast.

There are a number of large, mostly uncharted, islands off the North West edge of the map. And locals from the North have claimed that during Summer they occasionally see mountainous islands of ice sailing in the distance off the coast.


LameGamer72 LameGamer72

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