Ileyniaver'enysse Is'Thaal

(ILL-enya-ver-en-ease), Ileynia for short (ILL-enya)

Race High elf
Size Medium
Height 5’ 6"
Weight 72 lb
Age 163
Skin Fair
Eyes Green
Hair Long, Silver Wavy

The Queen mother of King Davic, widow of the late King Arriss. Ileynia is also 3rd heir to the throne of the High elven Kingdom to the north of Nordenwelt.

Approximately 40 years ago, with frequent border clashes between both nations, an alliance was to be formed to end hostilities. It was arranged that Ileyniaver’enysse Is’Thaal, the Elven princess, was to wed the (then 30-35 yo) Human King Arriss of House Von Markhill.

Ileyniaver'enysse Is'Thaal

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