These were my country breakdowns of the Human territories. The green-blue edges are the Territorial borders, the red borders are Country ones. I also coloured the countries to help them stand out.

Feel free to come up with names, and/or real world links. I only have a few ideas, like:

  • Nordenwelt: Germanic language (names), known for their superior archers (for humans) due to the hilly terrain and training from there northern allies the Elves.
  • The pale yellow, all plains country (surrounded by hills and mountains): I was thinking like Mongolia, Horse lords, known for their light cavalry, notably their mounted archers.
  • The western Orange peninsula: Like the U.K., possibly linked to the light brown island. Or alternately Spanish, with only the island as the U.K.
  • The south western Purple peninsula: A combination of Algeria and the Caribbean (I know not Africa, but it better suits the common idea of a piratical nature. Plus I am declaring those islands to be only the few visible at this scale)
  • The ‘foot’ shaped island to the south: As I stated in the Territorial Markings Item, I’m picturing this as a combination Japan/Korea. The northern section containing martial art monks (some of who have spread their teachings to the mainland) and samurai, with the southern section controlled by hobgoblins.


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