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This race has been here since the beginning, some say they created this world. They are born immortal, but for the interactions/machinations of others, they won’t die. It is not known if any of the very first elves are still alive. In the earliest days the elves were wild, decadent, and indulgent.


Once they mature, around their 75 th year, they do do not suffer the effects of aging, either on their bodies or minds. Due to their long lives they have seen many things, the rise and fall of many a society, the coming and going of tyrants and prophets, the loss of good friends, loved ones and family.


Losses over centuries had taken its toll on the elves, many suffering crippling mental trauma. During this time many of this race became savage, and vengeful, seeking to destroy any that caused them harm. A group of their best scholars, healers, and shamans realising the danger this posed to their people, worked together to develop techniques and objects to help guide their people to a long and prosperous future.

Going forward the mental disciplines this group developed were taken on board, and the whole society benefited from its rigid strictures. The individuals would embark on focused life choices, through arduous ritual compartmentalising their memories to allow them to function without becoming too overwhelmed. Over time though some memories would leak back in slowly eroding, and weakening their focus. When caught in time an elf would be able to start over with a different focus, once again staving off the madness.

Special Rules:
Multi-classing NOT allowed
Sanity Ability Score is important
Memories/history can trigger SAN saves, failure inducing a madness effect (Page 206, SRD/OGL Rules)

Dark Elves

There are no Drow in this world. A ‘dark’ elf is one who has succumbed, or given in, to the madness been outcast from elven society, usually from committing an action that is considered taboo. These elves can try to preform some act of contrition to earn their place back into the elven fold. Generally their demeanour is ‘dark’, Of those that choose not to seek redemption most are narcissistic, some are sociopaths, while others become psychopaths. There is no dark elf society, while some do band together, their very nature invariably make such an alliance ephemeral.

Special Rules:
NOT allowed as a PC race, if you play an elf that fails to re-focus, your character becomes an NPC


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