My idea for a Fatigue system, is half the ‘damage’ from combat is as a result of exertion and superficial wounds. As soon as combat ends, simply taking a few minutes to catch your breath, or through the use of bandages, recovers some of those hit points. The number of hp recovered is based on your Level and your bonus from the Skill Endurance.

Recovery (minimum 0) = your Level + your Constitution (Endurance) bonus

In the unlikely event that your Constitution (Endurance) bonus is a negative then you recover less hit points, possibly not recovering any, but you do not lose them, e.g. if you are 1 st Level, with a CON of 7, theoretically your recovery would be -1.

Additionally, if you succumb to Fatigue (reach 0 hit points), when you come to, you gain a level of Exhaustion.

This rule is designed to eliminate the requirement for a healer, and potentially extend the adventuring day.


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