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To begin with I’m happy for us to use any published or playtest rules (i.e. the ones from Wizards of the Coast specifically the Unearthed Arcana articles.) I’m happy to review other sources (homebrew) if it’s something you’d want to try.

I’m keen to make use of some of the variant rules as well, like multi-classing, and the DMG rules for Hono(u)r and Sanity.

It occurred to me that some of you are unfamiliar with the concepts of Honor and Sanity, at least mechanically, so I’ll add the rules extracts for your consideration. Just follow the links above.

Please also consider these House Rules. Note rule 0 is mostly for at the table, if there is anything you don’t like about the structure the campaign is taking, even before our first real session, feel free to speak up, preferably sooner rather than later.


To get you started, here are some examples of what concepts I was thinking of using:

  • Unique Elves
  • A Fatigue system
  • The Endurance Skill
  • Faster, deadlier combats, using a more Narrative Style.
  • Possibly a Boon/Setback function (mostly for outside combat), i.e. successfully completing a task, but something bad is triggered, or failing the task, but discovering something more useful than that was the wrong way to do it.


Please read the Campaign and Adventure theme suggestions and think about the flavour you want for the story we are going to be sharing.

Character Creation

Take a look at the Character Creation Rules for my ideas on generating your PCs. I added a wiki about options for taking a Feat before level 4.

I created a Points Buy Calculator/Validator, instructions for which are in the link just mentioned.

Also take a look at the Links page for ideas to ‘flesh out’ your characters. As a minimum to make this Campaign work, I would like to know the following about them:

  1. Do they have family? How close they are?
  2. Do they have any/many friends (or enemies)? How close (or vehement) they are?
  3. Where are they from/have they been?
    You are free to make up the names of places in this world, with a caveat, what your characters call it might not be what the general populace call it, so yours might be a pet name, like the Big Apple, or Franga. Please indicate a general direction to the locations you create, like to the North, or on the East coast.
  4. What is their occupation?
    This one might be more specific to a ‘Local Villagers turned Heroes’ theme.
  5. What are their goals? Short, medium, and/or long term?
The answers to these questions don’t need to be public knowledge, but I will need some of these juicy details to build adventures, heck the entire Campaign, upon. The more you put in the more we’ll all get out of it.

I have generated some sample characters all using the generator at The Pathology Guy

So far these are my idea’s, if you have your own, or like/dislike anything, feel free to comment or add suggestions of your own, here or on any of the other wiki pages. From the outset I want this to be a campaign we all enjoy exploring, one we are all invested in because of our collective contributions — Shaun

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