The Halfling brothers three

A creation story

Three brothers were forced to share one room that was the night sky.

The oldest and biggest brother, Hogam said, “I was there first, so I deserve the most space.”

The middle brother, Korric said, “I am the brightest, so I deserve the most time to enjoy the view.”

And the littlest brother, Zanver said, “I am still important, so I deserve some time and space.”

As brothers are known to do, the three fought, shoving each other, and throwing stones. As they shoved each other, so shook the world. Cracks and crevasses formed, from scrapes and knocks. As stones flew many went wide of the mark. Some crash into the world, many embedded deep in the ground, but still jutting out in jagged shards, others bounced off leaving swollen welts. Many more flew out toward the darkness, tearing tiny holes in the night’s curtain.

The smallest brother was the first to notice the holes in the curtain. Whilst the others continued to fight he wandered off to look into the beyond. It took a while for the other two to notice he was gone. They stopped their fight and started to worry.

“We must find Zanver.” said Hogam.

“You wait here while I search.” said Korric. “If he comes back while I’m gone you can look after him.”

Hogam agreed, so Korric set out to search, but in the morning returned empty handed. The following night Hogam set out to search, but to no avail. They knew they could not give up, so each night they would set out in turn to search, or wait for their brother, meeting back in their room to check each others progress. The effort of the search dragged on, and the lack of success disheartened them. Each night the brother that waited would weep from worry, the tears would fall upon the world, slowly filling the lowest places.

1 third and 17 years later a strange sight was seen in the distance, it was Zanver returned, touched by the light beyond the curtain. As angry and sad as they had been, the brothers were too overjoyed to see their returning brother that they had a feast to celebrate. It was the biggest feast ever, and lasted for a month and a day.

As happy as they were, their room was no bigger.

Korric said, “We can share, as Hogam and I have.” Hogam agreed.

Zanver said, “That is most kind, my brothers, but I have enjoyed my wanderings. There are many wonders beyond our room, just beyond the horizon. Come join me in my travels.”

“In our search for you we have seen beyond the horizon, but I do not like to be too far from home.” said Hogam.

“This is where we belong,” said Korric, “we will not make you stay, but let us agree to return home and feast, just as we have done, as there is nothing more important than family.”

The Halfling brothers three

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